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  • Lit Party Rentals Yelp
    We had my sons birthday last weekend and we were looking for ways to entertain kids at birthday party. We decided to rent trampolines, after calling and briefly discussing our project sales specialist advised to go with bounce house and water slide. What an incredible advice! Kids had blast jumping and playing on the water slide with the heir favorite music on. Delivery and pick up was hassle free, as scheduled. They did everything for us, installation, instruction and picking up equipment from our place. Prices were fair, definitely affordable, worth every dollar. To see smiles and happiness that kids had made me feel proud father. If you planning to have a party, go with bounce house and water slide, we have the perfect weather for it in SoCal right now.
  • Lit Party Rentals Yelp
    This is my go-to party rental company from now on. Thanks to Chris who offered the Glamorous Gold package for my daughter's birthday party and helped me to save a lot of money. Package was coming with chairs, tables, kids table and chairs, canopy and a big combo with a slide. Also rented a snow cone maker which was a pleasure on the hot summer day! Guys were professionals and the whole unload and set up process was about 40 minutes. I will use Lit Party Rentals again surely and recommend them to friends.
  • Lit Party Rentals Yelp
    My niece had a birthday party in Burbank and we decided to rent a combo-jumper and waterslide from this company. This guys installed the equipment in matter of minutes, blowers were not as loud as we anticipated, jumpers were very clean, and overall we were really impressed with the service, no joke. Kids loved the bouncers. They enjoyed it a lot and I believe this is much better way to have fun for them rather than just watching YouTube videos or or just sitting and playing with toys, they are full of energy and that energy needs to go somewhere. From now on, I'm more than confident that we gonna use this service for family ocasions as it is affordabely and high quality with this business. Thanks a lot guys, everything was spot on.

Lit Party Rentals

You Choose the Time and Day

With Lit Party Rentals you can rent for as long as 8 hours--during any time of the day. Obviously it can be kind of a headache to arrange a birthday party, and there is a lot of planning and detail involved. The actual party itself is generally worthwhile, however, to see the smiling and laughing faces of children as they make some amazing memories. If you just put a little time and energy into proper planning the task itself becomes much easier and it leads to a smoother event. Lack of planning can be catastrophic when it involves parties. There is also the issue of expenses to consider, and this is something else that you must be prepared to handle. For all of these reasons we strongly suggest that you begin planning your party a month prior to the event, and we will help make the process as easy as possible..

Lit Party Rentals provides you all that you could ask for to get a great party started. Although birthday parties certainly involve games like musical chairs, balloons, and cake, they can be much more than just this. Breaking the normal style of birthday celebrations is a great way to make the birthday party much more special. Water slides, jumpers, and bounce houses are all fantastic possibilities to amp up an average traditional birthday party. We have a massive selection of inflatable jumpers as well as some of the most inexpensive bouncers

Elevate Your Party to the Next Level

Most of the time money is spent on gifts, clothes, and decorations, which are all important, but they are not really what matters the most. This is the main reason that most birthday parties err on the side of being mediocre. The overall setup is the most important aspect and what will end up contributing most to memories and fun experiences for the children. Services such as those offered by Lit Party Rentals are worthwhile because they can ensure you have an amazing party setup. You can even request a superman, batman, princess, or Mickey jumper to go along.

Lit Party Rentals has services are pocket-friendly which is another big factor in why we are so well loved by those who come to us for their party needs. We can also give a unique look to your settings and a special considerate touch. Getting a new suit stitched costs about as much as our bounce house rentals here in Los Angeles, which is very affordable. People most likely won't pay much attention to, nor remember what the birthday boy or girl wore on that special day, however an inflatable water slide or bounce house rental will certainly stay in everyone's mind. Not only are inflatable jumpers designed to be incredibly safe, they are greatly adored by most children. There is almost no chance of injury with these jumpers. The inflatable jumpers you can rent from Lit Party Rentals even come with slides. We are here for all of the needs you have for your birthday party or event.

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